Food in Culture

We live in an increasingly connected and yet disconnected world.  While we are becoming increasingly globalized, our cultures as well as our subcultures remain an important part of our identities.  Whether it be the country from which we came, the upbringing we were given, or the family we got to choose, food remains a constant. Many of our favorite memories involve food in one form or another.  Food is part of almost all our interactions, be it going out to dinner for a first date, parents night out, a super bowl party, virtually every holiday, or that potluck at church on Sunday, food is involved in one form or another.  For some food is an ongoing struggle whether it be affordability,  availability, or nutritional value.  Food is Life, We All Eat.  All of our cultures share the basic need for sustenance. The possibilities and the beauty of our food, and our culture are what define us and intertwine us.  In this blog I will attempt to delve deeper into the way food effects various cultures historically and currently, to talk about the people and places that are making and impact on food culture in an attempt to provide food to a growing population, food justice, and maybe a recipe or two.  I hope you will come along and enjoy a meal with me.

When we no longer have good cooking in the world, we will have no literature, nor high and sharp intelligence, nor friendly gatherings, no social harmony.

Marie-antoine Careme


Author: foodinculture

Lover of Food, Music, Culture, and Humanity

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