Hello my name is Cameron and this is blog focusing on Food in Culture and Social Justice.  I grew up on the edge of the great plains right next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Aurora Colorado.  Now I live in the glorious Pacific Northwest just north of Portland in Vancouver Washington.  I love the access to the ocean, the rivers, the forests, and the mountains, which aren’t the Rockies but give me a good taste when I get a little homesick.  I miss those mountains, and the big expansive skies.  I have been working in kitchens for twenty years. As many in the industry began, my first job in the kitchen was as a dishwasher (the most important job in any kitchen) and I worked my way up to my current position of Executive Chef.  When I am not working in the kitchen I spend my time playing with my son, making a little music, cooking (yes even in my personal life), and researching food, food culture and how it impacts our lives.  Eating is one of the few things that we all do.  We all eat, most of us cook, and we all have an opinion.  The basic need for nourishment is the driver for much of our human culture, it is the cause of much joy and equally as much suffering, and such is naturally the driver of many traditions and rituals throughout human history. The fact that no one can survive without food should be enough to make access to nourishing food a basic human right for all and not a privilege for some.  The stories I share here will vary from cultural ritual, to food justice, to a basic love for food and the social interactions that come with it.

 La bonne cuisine est la base du véritable bonheur. 
 Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.

Auguste Escoffier